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I found myself looking through some old family photographs some time ago and became drawn to a particular photograph that I had never seen before. It was a photo of my Grandfather holding an old Robeson knife. I could not wait to call my Father to see if he knew the whereabouts of the knife; Not only did we find the knife pictured, but we found a few other knives that my Grandfather had owned as well. I suppose we all come to think about our heritage at some point in our lives, the photograph of my Grandfather really made me focus on mine. What could be more appropriate than for me to make some knives in the style of those old knives my Grandfather had owned and loved so long ago?

Now that my son, Matt, is in the business with me, the timing seems perfect for launch of this new Bear and Son Cutlery Collection. How very special it is to work with my son on the Heritage Collection, which to our customers, will be knives collected and cherished for years to come. To Matt and I, these knives are made in tribute to my Grandfather and to also continue the tradition of master craftsman long ago.

My Grandfather would be proud of the American-made quality with which these knives are made. These knives feature genuine bone and Abalone handles, most have long nail pull marks and highly polished 440 Stainless Steel blades. The Heritage Collection features a special tang stamp, blade etch, inlaid shield, and is packaged in a special tin box. More than 91 hand steps by a staff of skilled craftsman will assure quality matching those knives that were favorites of my Grandfather so long ago.  -  Ken Griffey.

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