Gatco® 16008 Double Diamond Pocket Home, Fine Mesh

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Product Description:

Highest quality mono-crystalline diamonds • Meet rigid industrial standards GATCO® DIAMOND HONES – GATCO® engineers select the highest quality monocrystalline diamonds for all our diamond sharpening instruments. GATCO® diamond products meet rigid industrial standards. 

  • Overall Dimensions: L 4.940” x W .750” x H .250”
  • Item Number: 16008
  • Origin: Import

Benefits of GATCO® Super Abrasives

DURABLE – Diamond is the hardest material in existence

FAST – Diamonds are the fastest cutting abrasive in the world

EASE OF USE – Simple design and fast cutting crystals sharpen quickly

CLEAN – Can be used dry for increased neatness

VERSATILE - GATCO® diamond technology solves the most difficult industrial, commercial and D-I-Y sharpening, deburring and stock removal challenges.